Thursday, February 20, 2014

Vines climbing in Michigan

 Rain Rain Rain
At least it will wash away the snow.
Brad got a lot done yesterday The only thing he
couldn't accomplish was because the computer was
too old. Yes Vivian I am so lucky that 7 of my 9 grands
are close. They are so helpful especially changing
light bulbs. Those guys are 6'4" and can change a
light bulb with out a ladder. I cooked a big pot
of chili while he worked and sent some back to
Purdue with him. Really glad to have everything working.
I got a little more work done on the vines but am
not happy with the leaves. I need to research the
leaves of vines. My photo does not give enough
information as to the shape of the leaves.
I have 3 whole days in the studio now and should
make some progress. Have a great day . I will.

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