Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Green Green love the greens of spring.

 Love the green of spring.
Everything is growing so fast just popping out
all over. Lavender and purple with a touch of yellow
is the current color scheme. The rains keep everything
fresh. I have started to pack for our month in Minnesota,
Now I need to pare it down to half. Need to make a
list for the house sitter. Today I will get the paint
for the painter. She will spend 3 days refreshing
our house. Than arrange for the carpets to be cleaned.
 I love this old fence post on the neighbors land.
This past week-end our neighbor released some
quail. Now I hear the bob white calls in my gardens.
I will miss the flowers blooming in June, Beverly said
she will take photos for me. She is such a jewel
she has helped me for over 30 years. I know she
will take good care of my home. I have  been
freezing single portions for her to eat while we
are gone. I need to make her some sweets too.
I know my house will be cleaner when I get home
than when I left it. Such a good friend.

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