Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The last of the photos

 The gate to the beach looking out to Lake Michigan.
I have always liked water.
Lakes, ocean and mud puddles after a summer rain.
When I was 5 my parents would find me sans
clothes sitting in the puddles. Even pins on my clothes
 did not work. I just wanted to sit  bare in the water.
Thanks goodness I have learned to keep my clothes on.
 Maybe that is why I paint and make art about water.
The Wolf River Sunrise is one of my faves.
Than there are cone flowers.
They are one of my favorites too.
 There a few in my show.
Along with lots of sunflowers.
Sunflowers and the Dragonfly.
This one will stay with our family.
Most likely my daughter she like sunflowers too.

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