Monday, August 13, 2012


My mother will be transferred to Hospice today.
Her body says it is time to go.
We will make her final journey a quiet and peaceful one.
After 3 days in the hospital she has only worsen.
Her heart is wearing out.
Enough it says.
Time to join other family on the other side.
She lost her mother at the age of 2.
Her mother and new baby brother.
There was a tornado 
 they did not make it down into the shelter.
Now 90 some years they will reunite.
I have been taking quilt books with me to read
in the hospital as I sat by her side.
The nurses all are curious about quilting.
Yesterday I wore a discharged black shirt
with a pattern of ferns and Solomon seal on it.
That was a hit with the staff.
I explained how to do it.
I better gather some more books and
look for another interesting shirt to wear.
I need to be off early to meet with her Doctor.

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