Saturday, September 28, 2013

Saturday cleaning frenzzy

My house helper is in Florida this week so I had
to get my grand daughter and her friend Sunshine
to help me. I am wore out. 16 year olds have a
limited grasp of cleaning so I had to give
direction. Though Sunshine is very good.
Don't you love that name.
 If you know me that means I cleaned
as much as the girls. My knees are screaming.
I made new fall arrangements by the front
door but first I had to hose down the entrance.
Than wash the windows around the door.
Get rid of all the spider webs.
Recover my outside bench with new fall fabric.
One thing turns into a lot more work.
I bought some new fabrics yesterday in Lafayette.
Apple green, white and black cotton knit for
some T-shirts and tanks. I can never get them
long enough. So I will resort to making them.
So I had to pre wash 15 yards of fabric.
Boy do I whine much but  it fells so good to
have a clean house it just I am too old to
really get it done and  not wipe out.
While Tomorrow is a day of rest I
will recuperate.
Monday will be a new day in the studio.

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