Sunday, March 16, 2014

 Last night we were watching TV in the sun room
and I turned to look at my husband  and saw this
over his shoulder. I grabbed the camera and got
in the car. Drove to the back and shot these photos.
It was all over in 10 minutes. That sun sets fast.
Beautiful end to the day.
I mentioned the A word this week and hope I did
not turn people off. Aspergers is a fact that one in
every 160 people in this world has . I found out at the age
of 58 I was when my daughter took me to a conference in
Indianapolis for Aspergers. Her son was in the process
of being diagnosed at that time. We found out that
it is inherited. At the conference they put us A people
in a conference room to let us talk. We were all amazed
at how we were all successful people in all of our careers. 
Most of us were unaware we were A's.
Sometimes we just have a few traits like myself.
Being more aware of things in life. Such as color,
smell and taste. Not liking to be in crowds. Not very
tolerant of bright lights and noise. Just everyday normal
people just a little different or as we think just special.
Normal people are just a little boring. Not as open
to taking chances as we are.
I am glad I am who I am.
I feel bad I passed this on to my children and grands.
Some of our cousins have children with severe autism.
So thankful we do not.
High IQ high functioning Aspergers is livable but a
challenge. Growing up feeling different but not knowing
how. I could not choose to not have this but I did
grow with it and succeed in this world.
If you know people with A please share this.

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