Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Kaffe tote

I was thinking back to when I made this tote
for Virginia Spiegel's fund raiser last year.
I love  Kaffe Fasset fabrics;
The are bright and cheerful.
When I am done with the big quilt I must
play with his fabrics again.
Today was massage day and shopping
day. I filled the car. I needed something
to put my ironing board on and found 2 nice
sturdy plastic 4 drawer chest at Walmart.
They alone filled the back space of the car.
Found some bright shorts and shirts for
my great grandson. He will be 2 next month.
Than I bought 2 large tubs to fill with fiber
for the local collage art department. I am
cleaning a 8 by 11 ft closet and I am determined
to make it emptier. It is always fun to see
what those bright young people do with fiber.

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