Sunday, July 15, 2012

Jasper County Fair

 I helped at  the county fair yesterday.
What a fun experience.
Young smiley faces hopeful of wining.
So much talent.
The bird above was entries by a young girl
she was barley a head taller than the table.
A big smile and beautiful eyes looking up at us.
Grandma explained that they went to the lake
she saw this bird and came home and drew this picture.
I thought it was nice and so did the judge.
 My cousin Ellen's art quilt.
Nice work.
 Audrey's planter with Swiss chard in it.
What a clever combination.
 Lots of photos.
Some very good photos.
Than below my grandson's art  of printing.
He carved the stamp and printed this in class.
Smart boy he entered Class C there was only 3 entries.
An easy ribbon.
In 4-H he received two grand champions.
A beautiful leather painting.
And a 5 foot oak bench with drawers.
Both will be off to the state fair.
Talented young man.

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