Thursday, July 19, 2012

When pigs fly.

 As I write this it is raining.
Too little too late.
But we will take what we get.
My brother sells sweet corn for a living.
I feel for them.
The crop will be slim.
I found this old pic of a flying pig from Wisconsin.
See pigs really can fly.'
Love the color.
 Our vacations give us great memories.
Make me think we need to go to Wisconsin or Michigan
again sometime soon. Water is the big draw for me.
Well we did the sweet corn yesterday.
40 meals put in the freezer for the winter.
We both agreed that maybe we are getting
too old for doing this especially in 98 degree weather.
My husband for the first time was ready to quit gardening.
The heat is really taking a toll on everyone.
I am back in the studio this morning.
Getting my entries for various shows ready for shipping.
Take care have a great day.

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