Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mini Art Quilts

 Good Morning all.
Saturday's are good days.
I finally took a little time to make something
small. a few 4x6 art quilts for cards.
Been too busy to create.
Soon I will be able to spend 5 days quilting.
Cannot wait.
Today I have a pit fire scheduled by the pond
for the local high school pottery class.
Should be a fun event.
I have saved branches, dried grasses and leaves,
the kids are bringing horse pies and horse hair.
The pies make a pink cast and the hair black lines
on the pottery.
I have some copper carbonate and will borrow
some dog food from the neighbor.
Dog food  has minerals and salts that provide
 another layer of color.
We burn today cover the fire and pots with sand
 and than dig up either Sunday or Monday.

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