Monday, May 14, 2012

Results of play date with FibR

 Finally showing you the results of my play date.
In 3 hours I was able to make 2 large background for
landscape art quilts that will be matted to 11x14.
I have 5 small backgrounds that will be cards.
 The top 2 are my favorites.
 The small ones were made from my scrap box.
 Some are abstract and will be embellished with objects,
Others were from stamped fabric and foiled paper.
I may not get back to these until after
the Columbus trip.
I hope everyone who are mothers had a great day.
I did my son and his wife hosted the lunch.
I am thinking of giving up on being the hostess
on everything except Christmas.
It was nice not to have to prep everything.
More time to play that way.

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