Thursday, May 17, 2012

Results of the Dye pot.

I love  the greens and browns. I learned a lot doing this dye.
Mainly to do less at a time.15 pots of dye is too much.
6 will be about all I should handle in a day. 
The eggplant on the right below is luscious.
Amethyst I was hoping for a pale lavender.
It is more magenta. Next time add some eggplant to it.
 The over dyes were not bad .
I do not like the bright green on the right
but will cover it with some surface designs
and have a good fabric to work with.
 The one on the left and below are paint rags from
acrylic painting sessions over dyed.
They will be great to work with.
Overall the results are all usable.
I will finish selecting fabric this morning
for QSDS2012 and than try to get 2 hours in
my mothers assisted living apartment packing it up.
She is moving to Skilled care and they want her room
emptied before I leave.
 Her dementia's worsened over the week-end
and it is no longer safe for her to be alone.
Something always comes up when you are the busiest.

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