Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hoosier Rivers & Roads Quilt

The Jasper County Art League will have a show
in Lafayette June 24th through July 29th.
I will take my show down the 17th of June
So far I have sold 9 pieces.
I have to hang the new show on the 20th of June.
Yesterday I started a new art quilt to compliment 
the painting I will enter.
I will have 5 pieces if I keep working hard.
This quilt depicts the Kankakee River.
Love the batiks for the base.

                       The beginning of a new work of art.
                       I love the colors of this one.
                       Last night I took my 21 year old grandson out
                       for Burritos to his favorite place  La Carreta's
                       He will come over today to put together 2 carts for me.
                       Sam's Club has the nicest carts on wheels.
                       I like my supplies in carts.
                       Easy access and easy to put away.
                       Now for a walk around the yard before I create.

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