Friday, May 20, 2011

Worth the Work.

I am much more organized now.
A sewing space, a painting space
and a collage  and paper space.
 I finally have a idea wall with
lots of art from friends and fellow artist.
Cabinets to store supplies.
The rolling cart holds paper supplies.
A nice tall ironing space.

 A design wall to try out ideas.

 I wonder how long it will stay this clean.
Probably 2 weeks at the most.
 I love the U shape work area.
Cutting table, sewing  L shape space.
A double table to spread out on.
 This is the view I missed tucked away in the furnace room.
My window on my world. I will keep this as my studio space.
The furnace room will be the potters space.

Another day in the yard than I can create again.
Have a great week-end.

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