Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Art for Martha

 I got a call from Martha yesterday asking if I had
any larger pieces. I had to think so I went down to
the studio and found these. The top one is Atmosperic
a 30 x 50 tall fiber art. Cotton velveteen rust dyed
The one my grandson told me it looks like spilled coffee.
Below are two of my favorites.
Walden Woods is 30x48 and a very impressionistic
painting. I hung it next to Grasshopper which
is 18x36 another abstract. I am looking forward
to getting my major art quilts done so I can paint
a little. Love the abstracts. The grasshopper has
an encaustic square with a grasshopper on it.
 Then there is Green Valley a acrylic that is 26x50.
A nice landscape that strictly came from
 my imagination.
 Another acrylic and one of my private collection
is Autumn Glow. 28 x 34 I love the detail of the
roots of the tree and the horizon. So I do something
besides art quilts when I have time.

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