Sunday, January 20, 2013

Carrolina Wren

 I only see this little fellow in the winter,
it is a Carolina Wren.  I keep my feeders full
this time of the year. The birds need food and energy.
They are such a pleasure to watch.
April and I had a good time dyeing fabric.
I will take a photo this afternoon to show you
our new colors. She wanted to learn how to make
more deep colors. I had gotten some new colors as well
so we worked together Friday to dye some
old bedsheets. She does the Binky patrol and makes
quilts for children. A local hotel gives them the
old sheets for backing when they replace theirs.
They make perfect pieces to dye.
Yesterday it took me all afternoon to pull the
threads on a stitched piece I dyed.
Saturday morning I made lunch for the construction
crew. Bacon and egg sandwiches  plus honemade
chicken noodle soup, brownies and chocolate milk.
My grandsons were waiting for my car when
I brought lunch to the site. Everyone is helping
my son build their dream home.
Quite an undertaking.

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