Monday, June 18, 2012

I have been busy.

I haven't blogged  for awhile,
 Sorry - I had to take time out to clean my house and studio.
My daughter in law sent the info on my house to a Realtor.
We have had 12 years living at the special place.
But we need to downsize eventually.
Somehow squeeze 4000 sq feet into 1700 sq ft.
With a bonus room for a studio.
It is getting harder to keep up a large home and larger yard.
So if it happens it was meant to be.
If not we will live here in paradise longer.
 I dyed some background for my new project
but I ended up using my first choice.
The colors are the palette for my new quilt.
I am going to try for the Quilt Nationals.
If I doesn't work I will have 2 pieces for my show next May.
SO it is a win win.
I get a head start on May's show.
Or I hit the jackpot.
May as well aim high.
Summer brings a show of color.
Flowers keep blooming all season.
In March the ground is bare and brown.
Than it warms up and a riot of blooms
 pop out of the ground and delight us all summer.
I just love the magenta petunias with an edge of lime green.
They are my favorite new annual.
Have to have a few annuals for color.
Well a full day in the studio today.
A clean studio at that.

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