Thursday, June 21, 2012

Love my flowers

 I love how each day there are new flowers blooming.
I am so glad I inherited so many flowers from my father.
The yellow day lilies are very fragrant.
Over the years(50 of them) I got starts from my father.
I propagated them, shared them and enjoyed them.
He really loved his plants.
We watch the honeysuckle  that I got from the home place
10 years ago bloom and attract hummingbirds.
The Magnolia tree has doubled in size.
The Siberian iris are a favorite of mine.
Love the deep purple.
I have passed this legacy unto my daughter.
She loves flowers like I do.
SO far the grand kids have been resistant.
They look upon it as work.
I have a few Oak leaf hydrangea's that need to be shared
I better give my  friend Terri a call to come dig.
Always a good time.
Good to share and talk flowers and lake cottages.
The lucky girl they bought a cabin in Wisconsin.
Sne retired from her job and will enjoy the Northwoods.

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