Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hot Hot and Hotter.

It feels more like August than June.
A perfect excuse to stay in the studio
and let the weeds grow in the heat.
We are going to fulfill something on our bucket list.
We rented a house on a lake for a month next year.
The kids and their kids can visit us.
Someone to take Grandpa fishing.
Something to look forward to next year.
I will take my sewing machine, camera and watercolors.
Sew, Paint and take lots of photos for
future art quilts.
I love the north wooods  having spent my
childhood going to this lake for 2 weeks
every summer. Taking our family there until I was 45.
Will be nice to get acquainted with the place again.
Yesterday 6 crows came and cleaned the
corn and sunflower seeds off of the driveway.
They also cleaned out most of a row of sweet
corn in the garden that my husband planted.
new procedure plant and cover with chicken wire.
The deer mowed off half of the tomatoes.
My husband put a fence around the garden yesterday.
The joys of the country.

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