Friday, June 22, 2012

More and More Flowers

 I told you things were a riot of color.
Love the deep red,
 Purple is always good
 Than there is yellow.
These smell delicious too.
Many shades of yellow.
I love  my gardens.
I was out planting at 4:30 this morning.
My husband's garden has been lunch for the deer.
They ate half of his tomatoes.
So yesterday I stopped at Brown's in Rensselaer
they had annuals and veggies 75% off.
I found him 20 tomato plants  for 25 cents each.
Than I made the mistake of looking at the flowers.
Naturally I had to take 2 flats home to add sparkle.
I even found 2 honey dew melon plants
I put them outside my studio window.
Oh did I say Studio.
That place I should be creating in now.
I am off to a different kind of sparkle.

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