Monday, November 4, 2013

Cooking up a storm

 I am having a Studio Tour on the 16th of November
for fiber artist in the state of Indiana. The SAQA
artist will be coming for lunch so I have been cooking.
Everything is in the freezer ready to go.
Friday I made the last soup a ham and potato soup
with Yukon potatoes freshly dug from the garden.
It is so good. The apple pie was for the weekend.
It lasted until supper time. I sent some home with
Brad and Mark. One way to limit our sugar.
I also made banana bread. A favorite at our house.
I have another box of mini art quilts ready to ship
off to the Ohio Craft Museum. My art for the Holiday
show is packed and ready to load in the car.
Today I will put my things up a day early.
I have to get injections in my knees Tuesday.
That should last me until February or longer.
 I just want to feel good for the holidays.
Well it is a busy day today and I better get started.

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