Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Did I mention I do pottery?

I mentioned that I go to ceramic  class on Fridays.
Thought I would show you some of my work
This is a coil built vessel high fired to cone 10.

This beauty below is slab construction a  free form figure.
High fired, cone 10 with iron stain.
This one went to live in California.
My neighbor's sister fell in love with it and carried it back home.
Probably likes California better then Indiana.
 The tall vase is a Raku piece. I love doing Raku.
All the fire and flash. So unperdictable.
Each piece is a surprise.
 Another free form piece I am thinking of making it into a lamp.
Right now it looks good with the straw as a sculpture.
If I made spelling mistakes please excuse I am having computer problems.

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