Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Finished the Creamery

Just finished my breakfast of home grown Indiana
muskmelon. Cool and crisp. The perfect start to the
day. Yesterday my husband picked 24 melons
from his one row of plants. He than shared them
with friends and neighbors. I tole him next year
just plant a half row. He has picked about 50 so far.
I finsihed the Creamery quilt. This quilt is for
the FibR show in September called Archtexture.
I have 2 whole days to spend in the studio now.
I will make another quilt for this show and than
6  small quilts for the Ohio Craft Museum.
Life is good
Last night the smoke detector went bad in
my bedroom and I had to sleep in the sun room.
It still is beeping hopefully we get it fixed today.
I did enjoy seeing the full moon last night
though with all the windows it was a nice show.
Well off to the studio.

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