Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bouquet on Quilt.

Took a walk this morning and gathered some flowers.
Our wedding flowers were lily of the valley and lilacs.
Just what I found in the garden.
along with some scillia and columbine.
May 8th is the big day 50 years.
The flowers are setting on a quilt I started.
I had a stack of 5 inch squares to use up.
I am alternating them with white squares
 and separating the rows with a white strip.
A nice clean look.
I went modern without trying.
I am making extra large throws for everyone
in the family for Christmas.
I will back them with flannel.
A light cozy throw.
This combination looks very girlish.
Worked on my Toucan painting.
Looking fairly good.
I will show you tomorrow.

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