Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Studio Tour

 Thought I would show you my studio when it is
reasonably clean. I have a very large workspace.
I am really fortunate. 3 ironing spaces, 3 cutting spaces
and 2 design walls. This is just some of my fabric.
 I have another shelf unit in the bedroom and a
8 x 11 walk in closet for fabric and supplies.
 My inspiration wall is full of ideas.
I keep the things I use most of all around me.
I can reach the beads, small pieces of fabric, threads,
bolts of 805, peltex and thermalon within reach
of my chair. I would say I am very lucky to
have such a sunny and large space.
All the more room to get messy.
Today is a luncheon with other artist.
We will go to Asparagus a Vietnamese restaurant.
I will take Doris my 91 year old friend with me.
She will talk my leg off we have not been
together for a few weeks. She has been too
busy to have time for me.  :)
Have yourself a great day.

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