Thursday, July 12, 2012

Just goes to show you.

 I thought I would show you some paintings that
look good. The way the big painting is going you would
think I am a amateur. Which I am in some ways.
 Working on the big painting has made me realize that I
need to take time and really learn trees and values.
On my bucket list for this fall and winter is to
draw in pencil trees so I will finally learn how
to shade the leaves. I need to make them look more natural.
Practice makes perfect and my friend Doris says.
I am just trying to do too much too fast.
Life just hurls past at an astonishing speed.
The fiber piece Central Park I have in a show now
just did not hang right.
I was reading my Fiber Arts Now magazine
(note to Nancy this is a great magazine to subscribe to)
and the article on Merill Comeau shows her
complex layered pieces that I love and they have
the uneven pieces like Central Park.
Acting on impulse as usual I called her to ask how
show hangs her pieces and keeps them upright.
I got some good advice.
Thanks much Merill.
I love how the artist in this world are nice enough
to share and help others make better art.

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