Monday, March 24, 2014

Water quilts

 I love to do quilts that involve water,
both abstract and realistic.
Water appeals to me.
Flowing, moving along and lots of color.
Bradley helped me on Monday doing all the up
things that needed done. New batteries in the smoke
detectors, changing light bulbs, clearing off the top
shelf of two closets. Hauling containers to the attic.
Putting white felt on a design wall.
Fixing the TV. He so slim he can get behind the
cabinet. The better to fix it.
I think finally of all my grand kids he found the
problem. The grand kids joke about the up list.
It is not good for me to climb ladders or to
get  up on chairs anymore. So I keep a up list
and when it is full I call a grand kid.
Today I look forward to starting a flower quilt.

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