Saturday, December 6, 2014

Christmas Quilt

 I finally have my laptop back. Happy.
My desktop needs to go back to the tech.
Computers!  how dependant we become.
This is a new quilt I made for the Farmhouse Restaurant.
I used a photo of my backyard pond as inspiration.
To add that holiday sparkle I used gold leaf.
I especially like it on the edges of the oak leaves.
Notice how wonky my quilt is.
I find that piecing is difficult for me.
I am too hyper to do the meticulous work required
for precise joining. Must work on that, slow down and
be more careful. I took my show with the big quilt
down yesterday. Brent and Brandon  my grandsons
helped me. What a joy to work with them.
They also helped  Barb and a couple of other artist
carry their work to their cars.
They know how to work and only need to be told
once what to do-then they took charge.
They will do well in this world.
Than I took them to Red7 a awesome restaurant in
Lafayette.  I try to meet with them and Brad down
at Purdue University  once a month.
Red7 is our meeting place.
Great memories.

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