Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Enjoy life more.

I think my word for the year will be Enjoy.
Usually I am charging full steam ahead.
Not anymore. I was wearing myself out.
I actually watched movies and read during the day
in the past 2 weeks. Something new for me.
Started the messenger bag today I think it
needs some solid colors to make it pop.
Too much pattern but that is the Fassett way.
My mind is getting full of ideas and
I want to disappear into the studio for 3 months.
This morning I did my yearly schedule so I
know my deadlines. Some nice projects coming.
First show is in April than May.
I will take a month off in June spending
it in Minnesota. Just photography and watercolors there.
Really looking forward to the North woods.
I had better start looking for a house sitter.
We already have the garden and yard sitters
spoken for.  Something nice to think about.
Living on the lake front for 4 weeks.
Nice Than the FibR show in September.
Plus two shows in 2014 to plan for.

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