Monday, March 10, 2014

The Big one.

 As you see I am making progress on the
big quilt. This week that is all I will work
on. I need to write an article about making
a difficult quilt for a magazine that is due
by May. So I would like to be almost finished
by then. Meanwhile my Central Park will be
in their next issue. Will let you know when
that is. And yes I will have a proof reader
to correct my bad grammar. My Aspergers
shows up big time when I write. Though I
appreciate some of the quirkiness of it I
really suck at grammar. I am thankful I
am a very high functioning Aspergers. I did not
find out until I was 58 that what made me
so unique was this. After 28 years of a very
successful real estate career actually owning
a office for 12 of those years. So if you have
this blessing in your family take hope anything
is possible there are good points to this trait.
I think not knowing made the difference.
I did not have any limitations set on me
so I just matured in my own way.
I made a quick baby quilt yesterday
usually my day off but the baby is
due this month so it needs to get shipped.
I finished my David Baldacci novel I
decided to read everything he has written.
Find his books  interesting.
I have talked my husband into eating lunch
in town a couple times a week so I don't
have to break to make lunch. Maybe I
can get more done in the studio.
Well I am off to the studio.

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