Thursday, March 10, 2011

Productive Week

Monday and Tuesday I threw and cleaned 29 bowls.
Wednesday I collaged.
I did 3 for my Solo show.
Walk Thought the Woods With Me.
I printed some of my river photographs on neat papers.
I incorporated them into my collage.
Fell asleep thinking that they were awful.
Looking at them this morning they don't look too bad.
I also did some backgrounds  for my next session.
I had to set up a temporary sewing spot.
My 47 year old son is living in my sewing studio.
I will have to learn to sew standing up.
Two more weeks of collaging than back to the machine.


  1. Your collages are very pretty. I can see you have had a busy week.

  2. My goodness. You are busy and productive! Which is far more rewarding than busy and non productive - the way I've been feeling lately!

    In between all that you are already doing. If you have time and interest I would be honored if you would participate in my community art project:
    I'd be happy to push back the due date if necessary.