Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sunrise art quilt.

 After a cortisone shot to my shoulder Tuesday I am finally
able to start working in the studio again.
I have been dealing with extreme pain since December 1st.
I can finally get my arm behind my
 behind my back without cringing.
Started on my sky series yesterday.
The first will be a sunrise.
This is my view out my kitchen window.
I will paint in the clouds today and hopefully
get started on the free motion quilting.
Supposed to get  snow today for  only the second
time this winter. Terri started  a pool on the amount
of snow we are to get . I got  2.75.
I will let you know how close I come.
Prize is a snow shovel.

1 comment:

  1. Hi MaryAnn... just discovered your blog. Wow! Do you have any tutorials in your archives that explain/show how you paint your sunsets? Your pieces are just stunning.
    Hugs from Mary