Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sunset art quilt

Almost finished with the sunset quilt.
Despite a raging head cold.
I just can't get on top this past 6 months.
Must be my year.
I am thinking of going the juicer route,
and flood my body with fresh fruits and veggies.
Any advice out there?


  1. Hello! This quilt is amazing! Wow it is so lifelike. I do have a bit of advice on the juice for health effort. I think it is a great idea that work, just watch out for anything you are allergic too, it will give you what seems like a head cold! I drank lots of carrot juice for a while and wound up with a runny nose! Haha. Good Luck and thanks for sharing! - Laura (via Quilt Art)

  2. Great quilt!
    Raw pineapple, chicken broth , and Advil cold and sinus geltabs. You have to sign for them but they are worth it.

  3. Your quilt is stunning, Maryann. It looks like the real thing! Good luck with the cold. Rest, plants only, no sugar, caffeine, or animal based foods. Sherry Boram from downstate Pendleton

  4. Dear Mary Ann,
    Beautiful work, both sunrise and sunset. I also enjoy your haiku-like captions. Keep up the good work, and hope you are soon well.

    Linda Laird