Thursday, March 1, 2012

Progress on the tree quilt

 I should finish this on Friday.
The Robins need to be stitched yet
and they need their legs.
It took 3 attempts to get the Robins to look right.
Tried printing on fabric-too dull.
Drew with Ink tense pencils and markers.
Too blah.
Finally made them with fabric,
Brighter and better.
Do you think it needs more Robins?
 The story behind this quilt.
One summer a whole flock of Robins landed
on a Sargent Crab tree to eat the fruit.
They covered the tree with
chattering moving spots of orange.
It was a delightfull sight.
I never forgot even though
it has been over 18 years ago.
This is my memory of that day.

1 comment:

  1. Birds seem to be very popular in quilts lately, but these robins are the finest. Changing their position on the tree adds a great deal and the detail around the face makes them come alive. Is that done with pen, paint or stitch? This is going to be a great piece.

    Julie-Anne McDonald