Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The saga of the Reflections of Fall quilt.

 Basic background
 Trees trunks added.
Remember  I had these trunks on the Robin quilt first.
Changed directions on that one but they looked good here.

 Leaves came next.
Lots of leaves.
Thread painting to provide the next layer.
Then lost the dark blob in the water.
Extended the orange stripe on the left.
Added  in more water to emphasize the reflection.
Better flow I thought.
 Finished and hanging at Saint Joseph College from now
until the end of the month.
Along with the Robins in the Spring.
They will both go the TAF in Lafayette for the
summer show Under Indiana Skies.
 Detail of the trees.
The size of this quilt is 29 by 40 inches.
I found this easier to work on than the Robin quilt
which was 40 by 58 inches.
The larger size is just too hard on the shoulders.
I did get my paper work done for the tax man.
Wednesday I will be trimming the boxwood.
I look forward to a day outside.
Sunday when I was showing the family my winter's
production of art quilts my grandsons joked that
I was spending too much time in the basement studio.
They told me I needed to come up for air now and then.

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  1. This collection of photos really helped me see the quilt. It is a lot bigger than I originally thought it was. It's wonderful seeing areas up close.Thanks and congratulations.
    Julie-Anne McDonald