Wednesday, November 7, 2012

An artist friend of mine Dana got married this
past week. I love their wedding picture.
They live out west and after the ceremony
the hiked in a national park and took
this unique photos.
Its nice to see something different in the
 a wedding pose.
Outside in nature.
Of course us artist are always different.
Yesterday I set up my table for the Holiday Show.
I have over 90 quilt card to sell.
Must really clear out inventory.
I have decided everything 2011 and before must go.
The start of a busy month of selling.
This morning I will sort out books I want to part with.
I will sell them at my open house next week-end.
Once I read something I am ready to move on
to a new book.
I have started thinking about my upcoming class
with Nancy Crow.
Must get busy ironing the 150 yards of fabric.
December 10 will be here soon.

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