Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas is coming

So it begins, making cookies , peanut brittle, mailing
packages to family, cleaning and planning.
Christmas comes but once a year.
Monday I spent 2 hours in the dentist chair
and I have a new front tooth.
Yesterday I had a 2 hour massage.
Oh so nice.
I think I am almost human again.
I went to Walmart for some toys for
 the great grand kids. They make pink Lego's.
How cool. Bought another load of groceries.
Today it is finishing up the food gifts and mailing
my sisters packet to Arkansas.
I told the post office I have one more
but that I had to bake some things.
He said there is a new rule any with food packages
there must be samples for the post office. :)
He must know I always bring them a platter of sweet stuff.
I am staring to plan art quilts in my head.
Colors slipping through my thoughts.
I have lots to do with 2 shows this next summer.
I am looking forward to getting back to creating.

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