Thursday, March 7, 2013

Wolf River Quilt

 I forgot how big this one was.
Probably 44 x 65. I started with adding more
tree trunks than started to apply foliage
to the top and the reflection. Something is
not quite right. I will figure it out.
It will have to wait until Friday,
I have a doc appointment and shopping today.
Our 12 year old microwave is doing
strange things. Time for a new one.
The frig needs restocking with fresh fruits
and veggies. I also want to make a stop at
Big Lot's they have irons for $15. Never
have enough irons. Fusing is hard on them.
Plus it is a good place for glue.
Have a great day.
I will - than I will be exhausted shopping
does that to me.

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