Saturday, May 4, 2013

3 days later

 Wednesday morning  I went around and raised all the
blinds, moved furniture and got ready for Luke the
window washer.  Than I sat down in my chair with my
morning tea and looked out the 10 foot  window in
the great room. I had never taken time in 12 years to
raise the blinds and enjoy the back yard. Early morning
sun and the spring greens of May I just sat and let my
soul soak up the view. What a pleasant time.
Than I looked around with all the light shining in
and saw a lot of cleaning to be done. I washed all
the throw pillow and blankets. All the bedding and
curtains in the house. I finally finished Friday afternoon.
I could barley walk but the house smelled so good.
Fresh air and soap are such good odors.
Some times a good cleaning is good for the soul.
Have a great week-end all.

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