Friday, June 7, 2013

Watercolor study for an art quilt

I did a small watercolor study for a future art quilt
it is a good thing I took a photo the perspective
is off but that is easy to correct. The photo is
pretty bad but you get the idea. Trees and sumac
along a dirt driveway. Lots of lime green and red.
Finally it is Friday and we woke up to sunshine.
My husband is already out fishing leaving me
to clean the house. Last night we went to Stubs
for dinner I had the best pork tenderloin and
have enough left for sandwiches for lunch.
I remember when I was 14 the dances and
events held in the ballroom in the back.
Wolfman Jack and several others.
Memory Lane.
I am seriously missing my
studio I don't know what possessed me when
I suggested this trip. My house sitter had
trouble with the refrigerator last night
So after several calls I had her move the
food to the frig in the garage, I had
cooked about 30 pounds of pork for
sandwiches for my grandsons open house.
he is the class valedictorian we are
very proud of his accomplishment, 

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