Sunday, October 20, 2013

Nature is beautiful

 More of my ride around my yard.
I can find beauty close to home.
This shot I think will be entered in the photography
show in December. The branch of this tree is pure
grace. Speaking of grace my daughter brought
me some flowers yesterday when she brought
my groceries. My family thinks my face is too
scary yet. Don't want to scare the kids.
 It should be back to normal color by
 Saturday. The flowers are perfect. A pale pink.
 I love the color. My daughter knows me well.
 Another photo of that branch I love how the chock
cherry tree glows through the branches. Hopefully
it will stay sunny so I can get some more fall
color today. So nice to have a day of rest. I am
making homemade bread  and poached eggs for
lunch. Crusty artisan bread with real butter
and peach jam from our Michigan trip.
Today is a good day. Monday I will spend
the day quiting Dana's quilts.
Have a great Sunday I am.
A good book some rest and photography.

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