Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Art Quilt and a puzzle

Well I did not spend all day on the puzzle
only 2 hours. They are very addictive to me.
I spent the afternoon wworki9ng on the new art quilt.
I am liking this one it is very mellow.
Today will be a short day in the studio I
have my weekly massage on Tuesday afternoons.
I have been doing massage therapy since 1991
and it has helped tremendously with my spine.
Better than back surgery.
I have all the ingredients set out for what I
need to cook for Thanksgiving, Pumpkin pie,
Apple Pie and a triple batch of  Green bean casserole.
My grandsons favorite.
 You can see the progress I made since Sunday with
my Gininne's bird puzzle. I love her stylized birds.
I just have the background to do.
Well I am off to the studio early.

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