Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday solitude.

 I am getting more independent as I age. I ordered
turquoise glasses and tortoise sunglasses. I am going
to have an older pairs lens replaced with colored glass.
Feeling rebellious.
My daughters amaryllis  she posted on face book
this morning. She has a 20 foot wall of windows and
enjoys a garden in the living room all year long.
Sits in her easy chair and reads in the sunshine,
They took a mile long walk in the snow this morning
she and her husband know how to live.
My son yesterday was going to make breakfast
for his teenage boys . The oldest one will go back
to school on Sunday. My middle son is sitting
in his toasty warm house thanks to the wood
burner he put in this fall. All is good.
I printed the bird photos I am going to work
into the honking big quilt I am making.
All in all a good week-end.

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