Friday, February 14, 2014

Studio clean up

 Sorry I took a couple of days off.
The steroids shots to my knees made me feel bad
for 3 days. I sketched out an idea for a new quilt
My neighbors wood pile behind the fence. I
will be expanding this for a SAQA entry.
Remember the fabric I thought I did not have
any more. Well I cleaned the studio and found
another yard. I am putting the big quilt to the
side for 3 weeks while I get some deadlines met.
So today I decided to clean up a bit before
starting a new project. Happy surprise.
 This is where I am now.
I will go back to it later.
I  have until the end of October to finish it.
Meanwhile I want to enter some of the International
Quilt  Show categories and also one for SAQA.
Well now with a clean studio I can think again.
Amazing how it gets to a point of being too messy.

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