Thursday, June 19, 2014

I finally got the four panels done.
Finished by 5 pm today.
Now just to put the back and sleeves on them.
Than I can move on to some fun things,
Like a 4  quilt swap with Tommy Fitzsimmons
and 2 of her friends.  I look forward to doing something
fun. I need to make my friend a wall piece
for her modern living room and also need
to make a piece for Quilt Nationals.
We are doing fathers day this Sunday
because Craig is coming to town.
I am making apple pies for dessert.
Craig and Brads favorite.
Friday I go to Lafayette to hang the big
quilt in the gallery it will show in in October
so I can send a recent photo to the magazine
Machine Quilting Unlimited for the
article that will  be in  the magazine.
Busy. Happy to be busy. 

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