Monday, November 3, 2014

Bright and beautiful Leaves

 The soft and beautiful leaves of the dogwood by the
sun room were awesome against the cold November
sky yesterday. November has such clear crisp blue skies.
Love the intensity of the colors at the end of fall.
 How can one tree have so many variations of color.
Yellow, peach and browns.
Love the shadow of the branch glowing through
the leaf. Today I continue cleaning out the studio
so I can get started on my next project.
The 2015 summer show I have called Chairs.
Since I have given up the Holidays to my daughter
and daughter in law I can start before January
with art quilts in the studio. I do not have to
keep the house clean. I feel sad giving up
Christmas but physically I cannot do it anymore.
Time to pass the task onto the next generation.
Sad but necessary. We must be honest with ourselves
about our capabilities. The reward more time in the studio.
Not a bad trade off.

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