Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Farmhouse Christmas Quilt

 I was able to squeeze an hour in on the Farmhouse quilt.
Now a day of ironing fabric.
I am determined to wash and iron all my fabrics
to get rid of chemical smells in my studio.
I have a helper coming on Wednesdays until we are done.
 I have to decide which border I want on the quilt.
Both will be used as I will be making 2 quilts.
The border fabrics are winter theme fabrics.
I am adding a touch of batik in the border.
The walls of the restaurant are orangery red
so I thought a hint of color was good.
Another cold day in Indiana.
A soup day I think. Must go to the freezer and
pick out toady's meal.
Rough life I have isn't it.

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