Monday, April 20, 2015

IMA Cutting-edge fashion

 We visited the fiber exhibit at the museum
after our luncheon meeting of the Indiana
SAQA group. I said I would show you some
of the fashions. I remember making a black silk
outfit in 1960 like the orange silk outfit
on the right. I always liked black and silk. 
 I thought the coat of cutouts was interesting.
 Some elegant fashions with bustiers.
 This vest caught my eye and made me think
of Jamie Fingel with the zippers.
 This  japaneese outfit got a chuckle out 
of all of us.
 Then there is the dinner jacket in black.
Tounge in cheek not the silver ware.

 This little floral dress was my favorite.
I remember lots of those floral prints in the 70's
This show featured works by Rudi Grenreich,
Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen,
Issey Miyake and Franco Moschino.
 This show curated by Niloo Paydar was
very interesting. She gave us a tour.

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