Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Sunny day.

 Sunday at church someone asked me if I quit taking
photos. OOPS! I did not know anyone noticed that
I have been absent.
Since January 2 diverticulitis infections, an infected cyst
on my back, a bad tooth pulled  and 3 pain shots.
So when I am MIA you know what is going on.
 SO I am going to get back on track.
I have cleaned the studio and sorted all the fused 
fabrics by color , put in new storage racks for
thread all the while making art quilts.
I have 5 weeks until my solo show and am
finally making headway.
 I feel SO much better too.
Pray that it last the rest of the year.
Now off to the studio to start another art quilt.
This one with red chairs.

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