Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sunday Morning Reflections

 Finally a sunny day on tap.
The leaf color is perfect today and with the sun they
will glow. Today we get together as a family to
celebrate birthdays and anniversaries for the past
 3 months. It will be a good day.
 I am so glad we dug a pond 15 years ago when
we built this home. It has been such a pleasure.
Drawing in wildlife. Lots of birds.
Fish for Owen to feed.
He was back yesterday and had to feed the fish.
Probably the last time for the season.
Once the water temperature drops they go to the
bottom and quit feeding.
Our free pine needle mulch has almost all dropped.
Covers up all the messy flower gardens on the west side
of the house. I was exhausted last night.
Looking forward to a quiet Sunday with family.
I finished up a new quilt top and backing and just
need to iron it than send off the  quilters to
finish the job. I just may keep this on. It was made
with scraps from 3 different projects.
When I can get my computer to download photos
again I will take a photo.

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